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I failed.


I failed physics in college. I failed badly. I got a 2 in the first exam, 7.5 in the second and 2.5 in the final exam. But if you ask me what kind of student I was in this class, I’ll tell you: I was present in almost every class, asked questions, loved the labs and made plausible deductions and correct and unusual analogies. I would talk to the teacher about things I had seen outside the classroom and that had relation with the subject, solved the exercise lists and would ask questions about it; asked when I did not understand something and asked to repeat the explanation whenever I would lose attention for 5 seconds.

And yet I failed physics in college. I say that I knew more about waves than half of my class and still, I will have to redo the subject next semester. I’d rather not blame the teacher, though I doubt the fairness of the exam; I like to think more about the event itseçf. What does to fail waves say about me? Nothing. At the most it showed me that, perhaps I have a certain difficulty with the mathematical part of it which makes me not want to work with anything similar in the future. And it ends there. Still, I see the number of people in college who judge whether they want to be your friends or not based on your grades. I am too lazy to deal with this kind of person.

So I wanted to take advantage of this year’s end to send a message to all engineering students who have gone through this: it’s going to be okay. You do not have to be a worse professional because you have failed some subjects, you are no less interesting because of this and you are not dumb; You’re just different. Focus on the things you do well and notice, nobody does it better. There is a phrase that I love and always repeat: be yourself because everybody else is taken.

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Bruna Hamori

Bruna Hamori, 22 anos, é estudante de engenharia de produção. Trabalhou dois anos e meio na startup de tecnologia e educação Responde Aí, da qual saiu para se dedicar à área ambiental. Morou nos Estados Unidos e na Argentina, onde se dedicou a entender a relação da engenharia com o desenvolvimento social. Criou, recentemente, um blog no qual pretende compartilhar suas tentativas de causar impacto positivo no mundo.

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